Welcome to WildEye Winery!

Welcome to WildEye Winery! Located in the hills above the Historic Mission Town of San Juan Bautista California, WildEye Winery was created by winemaker and vigneron Mike Berntsen. A graduate of California State University, Fresno in Agricultural Business and 10 vintages as Winemaker in California including International experience in Western Australia, Mike brings professional & artisanal winemaking to San Juan Bautista.

We are a family business where farming, viticulture and winemaking are combined to create wines that are expressive of their vineyard heritage and varietal character while delivering exceptional quality to you. 

We implement sustainable farming practices at all steps of the winemaking process; planting cover crops in-between vine rows to improve soil structure and water holding capacity. The vegetation provides residence for beneficial insects & naturally supplies the vineyard with organic nutrients reducing fertilizer and pesticide usage. In addition to sustainable farming, all of the organic waste created from the winemaking process are recycled into our compost pile and used in the family garden. 

Each vintage creates a new and exciting opportunity to take the fruit of a year’s work, combine it with artisanal and new world winemaking techniques to produce a truly expressive wine. It is our mission to deliver to you wines of exceptional quality and character at a price for all wine lovers. 

"I have traveled California searching for only superior quality vineyards to create our WildEye wines. Sourcing grapes from all of California’s famed viticultural areas: Russian River, Napa, Howell Mountain, San Benito County and Monterey, only the finest grapes qualify for our wines. I am proud to deliver to you a portfolio of select wines from which to choose from."

- Mike Berntsen, Winemaker

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